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S.H.E. Prays
Wives Conference

Fit For A Purpose, LLC and Nik E. proudly present the 2nd Annual S.H.E. Prays Wives Conference. The conference was held on June 28 – 29, 2019 at the Springhill Suites Marriott Hampton on 1997 Power Plant Parkway, Hampton, VA 23666. Thank you to all who attended and helped with the confrence.

We were blessed to have the great speakers Rev. Deedra Chambers, Co-Pastor Tamara Nichols, and Rev. Dr. Jennell Riddick round out the facilitators and presenters along with Founder and Host, Nik E. 

Next years event is being planned! 

Questions about the last years confrence or about next years?

Email: f4apllc@outlook.com

Call: 703-362-6959

S.H.E. Prays Team

Check out these dynamic speakers from the 2019 S.H.E confrence! 

Conference Host & Speaker

Nik E., Fit For A Purpose, LLC

Conference Present & Facilitator

Co-Pastor Tamara Nichols

Conference Presenter & Facilitator

Rev. Deedra Chambers

Conference Presenter & Facilitator

Rev. Dr. Jennell Riddick

Conference Prohetic Psalmist

Jazmyn Nichols